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Kern County Sheriff's Office
Patrol Vehicles in a rocky area Deputies in front of Safety Trailer at the Park

Ridgecrest Substation
128 E. Coso Ave.
Ridgecrest, CA. 93555
Phone: (760) 384-5800
Fax: (760) 375-9884

Originally established in the 1930s, the Ridgecrest Substation geographically covers approximately 1026 square miles, giving the substation the largest response area of Kern County’s Substations. The Ridgecrest Substation is located at 128 East Coso Street in Ridgecrest, approximately 120 miles east of Bakersfield. The Ridgecrest Substation provides law enforcement services to the approximately 40,000 residents of Ridgecrest, China Lake Acres, Inyokern and Walkers Pass. Also included in the Ridgecrest Substation’s response area are the historic mining communities of Garlock, Randsburg, Johannesburg, and many isolated mining camps in the El Paso Mountains south of Inyokern.

In keeping with the Sheriff's Office mission, the Ridgecrest Substation is committed to work in partnership with our community to enhance the safety, security and quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kern County through professional public safety services. Ridgecrest Substation has one sergeant, one senior deputy sheriff, and eleven deputy sheriffs. The deputies handle patrol duties as well as provide security for the two Ridgecrest Superior Courts. The Ridgecrest Jail is also staffed with one senior detention deputy sheriff and four detention deputy sheriffs.

The Ridgecrest deputies respond to a variety of service request. From 911 calls to downed aircraft, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office is ready to respond and render appropriate assistance. In 2007 Ridgecrest Deputies responded to 4490 calls for service and made 432 arrests.

The Substation is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. After hours and on weekends courtesy phones are located outside the station allowing the public to speak to staff. The Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is also available 24 hours at 1-800-861-3110 (outside of Kern County dial 1-661-861-3110.)

The Ridgecrest Substation benefits from the commitment and dedication of an unpaid volunteer Reserve Organization. The reserve deputy sheriff volunteer has completed a two semester-P.O.S.T. certified academy and volunteers a minimum of 200 hours per year, 30 of which are spent at the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield. Reserve deputy sheriffs donate more than their time, they must pay for their own training, uniforms and some of their own equipment.

When their training is complete, reserve deputies are available to assist and serve the Sheriff's Office in an unlimited number of functions. A reserve may volunteer his time in functions such as event security at special events such as the Kern County Fair or Stampede Rodeo Days, perform as a Patrol deputy or partner with a fulltime deputy, or find himself assigned to special functions as needs dictate. The Reserve Organization volunteers between 40,000 and 60,000 hours of time per year, making these volunteers a vital resource for the Sheriff.

Ridgecrest has nine active reserve deputies who are committed to helping and protecting their community. Of the nine, four have completed the requirements to qualify as a Level I reserve. The Level I designation indicates they are capable of performing as a solo beat officer. Last year the Ridgecrest reserve deputies contributed many hours to the Ridgecrest Substation.