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Compliance Section

Kern County Sheriff's Office
Compliance Section Building

Mailing Address & Contact Information:

Lerdo Compliance Section | 17645 Industrial Farm Road, Building #51 Bakersfield, CA 93308 | (661) 391-7967

Any person wishing to contact the PREA Coordinator regarding a sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or retaliation incident occurring in one of the Sheriff's jail facilities may call 661-391-7967 or email

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Bureau Compliance Section is responsible for the review, development, and revision of bureau policies to ensure they are consistent with applicable regulations, statutes, and case law.

Policies are reviewed to ensure that they are compliant with current law and regulation, that they accurately convey the intent of management and administration, and that they provide meaningful guidance to the Bureau’s employees.

In addition to maintaining Bureau policy, the Compliance Section also conducts various performance audits to ensure that actual practices in the jail facilities are consistent with policy and procedures, and incident reviews of in-custody deaths and inmate escapes.

The Compliance Section is currently comprised of one Detentions Lieutenant, two Detentions Sergeants, one Detentions Deputy, and one Sheriff's Support Technician. The Compliance Section Lieutenant also serves as the designated PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Coordinator for the Detentions Bureau.