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Crime Prevention

Kern County Sheriff's Office
Crime Prevention Coordinator Elvie Martinez

Elvie Martinez

Crime Prevention Coordinator

Crime Prevention Specialist Lori Meza

Lori Meza

Crime Prevention Specialist

Crime Prevention Unit serves the community by providing services to the entire county that reduce crime and improve the quality of life through mutually beneficial partnerships with all the county’s communities. Increased safety through awareness is the primary function of the unit. We offer safety programs, presentations, resources, public events and so much more. Our goal, as a community liaison, is to initiate an open dialogue with all members of the community. We are dedicated to educating the public on how to safely take steps that improve security of neighborhoods and businesses by appearing less desirable to criminals making them more resistant to crime and, ultimately, enhance the safety, security, and quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kern County.

For more information contact us at:

(661) 391-7559 or


All presentations are available in Spanish and are approximately one hour (unless otherwise noted)

Tours of our headquarters are scheduled quarterly. Please call or email the Crime Prevention Unit to get current dates and times. (661) 391-7559

This in-depth training covers three important aspects of Neighborhood Watch. 1.) Neighbors organizing and coming together. 2.) Detecting suspicious activity and reporting it properly 3.) Techniques and trends to protect your property and reduce the window of opportunity for crime. The CP unit will give you the information on starting and running your own neighborhood watch group so YOU and your neighbors can take back your neighborhood.

Our children are very adept in knowing the new technology trends and apps. In this presentation, we will equip parents with information to help them navigate these fast changing and sometimes dangerous world of apps. We discuss topics such as predators, sexting, parental controls, red flags to look for in kids that may be involved in dangerous activity and more.

A presentation designed to inform adults who may be in this type of relationship or know someone who is. Warning signs of an abusive relationship, the cycle or abuse, what to do if you know someone in an unsafe relationship and resources for victims are discussed.

With many pre-teens owning cell phones, they must be taught the responsibilities and consequences of having access to the internet. This presentation especially tailored for middle schoolers is designed to increase awareness about the internet and social media. Topics include predators, cyberbullying, sexting, and appropriate information sharing online.

Many domestic violence indicators are developed early on in life when teens are first dating. This presentation is specifically designed for dating relationships and understanding what these indicators are. A special quiz, understanding healthy relationships, and resources for victims are presented.

Offered to high school age and adults to increase awareness on the dangers online. This intensive information packed presentation will include how to tell if you have encountered a predator, how they groom their victims, the human trafficking of victims, and resources for victims that may be trapped in these domestic violence/human trafficking relationships.

This presentation is designed for parents, teachers or staff working with youth. Focusing on current drug trends common among youth, symptomology and effects of certain drugs, and resources for parents.

Bringing awareness to human trafficking is the first step towards prevention. Recognizing the signs, barriers to leaving their situation, the mindset of a victim and abuser, who are the victims, the realization that it is happening in our county, and much more is discussed in this presentation.

Identity Theft is on of the fastest growing crimes in the US and costs Americans over $10 billion every year. In this presentation we cover many useful and practical tips to prevent becoming a victim. Resources will also be presented for those who have already become victims.

This Presentation incorporates many aspects of life. It reminds us to be prepared in any situation. Home security, street safety, vehicle/traffic safety, and what to do if you should become a victim is discussed.

The goal of this program is to inform, protect, prevent, and educate our community of the fraudulent crimes targeting our senior citizens and adults. The presentation includes popular scams, hoaxes, scam indicators, tips for scammer prevention and how to ensure you don’t become a victim.

For those looking for additional, follow-up training in prevention for your property. Target hardening is a prevention technique that allows property owners to take control of securing overlooked areas of weakness. Information on tools, tips, and techniques to secure a property will educate and empower a homeowner to reduce the likelihood of break-ins.

This water safety presentation educates parents on the prevention of drowning and water related accidents. Tips for proper supervision, risk factors for various age groups, the main risk locations and knowing the signs are covered in this presentation. Since this is usually presented in the summer, a short segment on child heatstroke prevention/hot car safety is included at the end.

This presentation includes basic information for school age children on the dangers of bullying, what is a bully, how to stop a bully and what to do if you are being bullied. At the end there is a fun McGruff the Crime Dog cartoon.

The Stranger Danger presentation teaches kids prevention to understand that not all bad people look bad. The children are taught which strangers are good strangers and different types of lures a bad stranger may use. Knowledge and prevention go together. The more our children know and are taught what to do in an emergency, the less likely it is that they will become a victim.

Whether we are a pedestrian, bike rider or driving a car, we must all share the same road. This presentation will teach the fundamentals of sharing the road such as hand signals for bicyclists, who has the right of way when coming to an intersection and much more.

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