Population Management Section

Kern County Sheriff's Office
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The Population Management Unit was established within the Sheriff's Office Detentions Bureau in September 2012. Its creation comes as a response to the AB109 Realignment legislation enacted in October 2011. Its primary function is to determine the proper classification, housing, and programs within each of the jails. This unit is comprised of the following: Classification, Programs, Data Collection, Pre-Trial Risk Assessment, and Gang-Jail Intelligence. Staff was pulled from various sections of the bureau in order to have one specialized group of individuals who could devote all their attention to the issues created by AB109. The Population Management Section consists of 27 sworn Detentions Deputies and 18 civilian staff members.

Realignment challenged the Population Management Section to introduce new inmate programs, expand collaboration with other agencies, and identify alternative ways to manage the complicated inmate population. Currently, over 35% of the inmate population is sentenced to over two years, with one inmate sentenced to fourteen years.

Due to the effects of realignment, the criminal population of Kern County's jail system has become more sophisticated, aggressive and hardened. This has necessitated a rapid re-tooling of the Detentions Bureau and other jail facilities. Classification and Programs, both groups within the Population Management Unit, work hand in hand to identify and assess the needs of the intricate inmate population.

As the number of inmates continues to grow and change, the Population Management Unit must regularly collect data from and track all inmates who are affected by realignment. Data collection is crucial to evaluating the progress and effectiveness of realignment, forecasting future needs of the facilities, and meeting necessary funding requirements.

The cohesiveness within the unit is imperative to the overall success. This unit, as well as others within the Kern County Sheriff's Office helps to ensure that our county runs a successful, safe, and progressive jail system which benefits our community as a whole.